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Aspiring Glazing PM

Over courses to bring you up-to-speed or help you brush up on your glass knowledge.

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Growing Glass Contractor

Evaluate new hires and field staff. Onboard new hires quickly and efficiently.

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And More!

Evaluate new hires and field staff. Onboard new hires quickly and efficiently.

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Training the New Guy

Let’s face it. Expanding your business, bringing on new, qualified employees is difficult. You need a one-stop-shop for getting your project managers up-to-speed with the latest glazing project management information.

GIT takes lifetimes of glazing experience and packages it into an easy-to-digest package.

  • Courses
  • Over Hours of Training
  • Bundled together at a low, affordable price.
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    Training Teams

    Let’s face it. Rolling out a training program is a daunting feat of cat wrangling and alligator wrestling. Let us do the work for you.

    Big Team? No problem.
    Small Team? No problem.

    Buy the seats according to your team size and we’ll help you with the enrollment

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    Track Team Performance

    Assign a group leader and keep tabs on your teams training progress

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    Flexible seating plans move with the ebbs and flow of your training needs

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    Let’s face it. Interviewing candidates is slow, laborious, and quite honestly a crap shoot. Let our glazing exams cut through the noise and fast track your hiring process.

    • Review Candidate’s Performance Before Interviewing
    • Store Candidate’s Test Taking History
    • Send the Test Request Right to the Candidate’s Email

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a preferred method of going through this training?

    Yes! See our best practices page.

    How is the training organized?

    LearnGlazing.com consists of training “paths” that group courses together by topic. The training paths are meant to give students the option to plan and prioritize their training. Within the paths you’ll find a combination of courses. Each course consists of lessons and a quiz. The course material itself is a combination of written material, example images, industry resources/links, videos, and pdf guides.

    • LearnGlazing.com
      • Training Paths ( Paths)
        • Courses (+ Courses)
          • Lessons (+ Lessons)
            • Quizzes (+ Quizzes)

    How many courses should I go through in one month?

    It really all depends on your daily workload but we see many students take anywhere from 6-8 courses per month. If you are committed to using the discussion points with your training leader you will retain more information but it will take you longer to complete the training. If you breeze through the content, take the quizzes, and neglect to really understand the courses you could go through much faster.

    Can more than one person use the same login credentials?

    We’d prefer each student to have their own login. This allows the students to keep track of their progress as well as allow training leaders to monitor progress.

    Are these courses accredited with the AIA?

    Not at this time. It is something we are looking to accomplish in the future. You do receive a LearnGlazing.com certificate of completion at the end of each course.

    How many courses may I access per month?

    You have access to the full library of courses.

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    Course Highlight:
    Ordering Project Materials – Stock Lengths

    What You'll Learn

    In this course, students will not only start to understand the importance of the material ordering process, but they will have the tools to maintain accuracy. We will cover how to quantify and order the stock lengths of a glazing project and we’ll discuss the optimization of materials and the different methods. The course also covers what items a student will need to have on hand to quantify materials, how to complete a take-off, and more.

    Course Highlight: Our most in-depth course. Gain FREE access to DICE, our length-cut optimization tool.

    Want to see the entire course? Sign up for LearnGlazing.com and gain access to ALL of the training.

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