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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I purchase a single test / evaluation?

  1. Sign up and pay for a single seat evaluation (field, office, or combo).
  2. The account you pay with will have immediate access to the evaluation(s).
  3. The evaluations are pass/fail. 80% is a passing grade.
  4. Once you pass the evaluation you will receive an email with your score and a link to your certificate.

What happens once I purchase an evaluation bundle (5 or 10 seats)?

  • Once you’ve paid for your evaluation bundle, wait for our staff to send you a unique sign up link (up to one business day)
  • Send this link to your students so they can sign up under their own email address.
  • Alternatively, if you have a list of students and their email addresses, you can send them to our support staff to sign them up manually. Send first Name, last Name, and email address to support@learnglazing.com
  • Please Note: You can access one of the evaluations immediately under the main account. The remainder of the evaluations will be accessed via their own, unique login once the students have signed up.

How will I (the group analyst / main account holder) be notified of the results of a test / evaluation?

Once your student has finished an evaluation we’ll send you the certificate of completion if they have passed the evaluation.

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