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Help your Students “Emerge” into the Glazing Industry with LearnGlazing.com – A Comprehensive Training Program for College Graduates


Welcome to the LearnGlazing.com, Emerge program, a unique opportunity designed for college graduates and professionals seeking a career change. This program provides comprehensive training and support, allowing participants to confidently enter the dynamic glazing industry. This program offers online courses, Q&A, and industry certificates to ensure participants have the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in a wide range of glazing roles.

Qualifying individuals, including those new to the industry, college graduates, and professionals seeking a change, receive the training for free. Explore a diverse range of career opportunities, from project management to drafting and engineering, and contribute to the comfort, safety, and functionality of buildings. Start your journey today and reach new heights in your career.

The Glazing Industry: A Once-in-a-Generation Opportunity

An unprecedented opportunity is currently presenting itself in the glazing industry. As the pioneers of this field, which started in the 1950s, retire, the next generation has the chance to step up and carry on their legacy. This is a crucial moment for the future of the glazing industry, and the chance for individuals to seize a new chapter in this field.

Being a part of the glass and glazing industry is a dynamic and fulfilling experience. As a glazier, you get to see the tangible results of your work every day, as the glazing in a building is crucial for comfort, safety, and functionality. This makes your contribution to the construction process invaluable.

We invite you to consider a career in glass and glazing. We encourage you to watch our video on the LearnGlazing.com Emerge program, which offers free, comprehensive training and support to help you confidently enter the field with a strong foundation of knowledge.

Curriculum and Training

The LearnGlazing.com Emerge program offers a robust curriculum that covers essential knowledge in the glazing industry, divided into 10 phases. Taught by industry experts, the curriculum consists of 40 courses. Students typically need about 40-50 hours to complete the training in full.

The training is available online, year-round, ensuring participants can access the learning materials at their own pace. The courses are delivered through a combination of self-paced online learning while providing ample opportunities for participants to engage with instructors and clarify any questions.

Snapshot of Course Overview

Program Cost and Accessibility

The Emerge program is completely free for qualifying individuals, including new industry entrants, college graduates, and professionals seeking a change. In order to qualify, all students need to sign up for USGlass Magazine (which is also free).

Certification and Recognition

Upon successful completion of the training and passing of the general knowledge exam, participants receive a LearnGlazing.com Emerge certificate. This certificate demonstrates the proficiency of the participant and serves as a valuable credential in the job market, providing a competitive advantage for Emerge program graduates.

Career Opportunities and Support

The glazing industry offers diverse career opportunities, with roles ranging from project management to drafting and engineering.

Our recruiters work closely with participants to find the best job placement in the industry, matching each individual’s skills, education, and previous experience with the right company. We collaborate with leading companies in the glazing industry to find positions that align with the participant’s career aspirations and provide a supportive and appreciative work environment.

Here’s a quick look at how a career in the glazing industry can grow over time.
(Please note that these salary ranges are approximate and can vary depending on factors such as location, company size, and individual experience.)


Unique Features of the Emerge Program

The Emerge program is the only comprehensive glazing project management curriculum available in this capacity, making it a unique and valuable resource for individuals looking to enter the glazing industry.

Unlike other programs, Emerge offers:

  • A combination of online courses, Q&A, and industry certificates ensuring flexibility and engagement in learning
  • Free access for qualifying individuals
  • Certificate upon successful completion of the program
  • Job placement support from experienced recruiters


We were in need of some basic training for our project engineers. Although as a company we train new hires ourselves, this was a great way to give them some overall training in our field. Everyone who has gone through the courses said they have learned something and consider it a great resource.

– LearnGlazing.com Student

Learnglazing.com is a great place to start your education within the glazing and construction industry! Easy to follow courses pave the way to a successful career.

– Levi Smith

I have found that Learnglazing.com has been extremely beneficial in teaching from beginning to end processes when someone new has come on board. Lots of tasks in the glazing industry are hands-on learning. But, there are some who learn better by watching others. LearnGlazing.com helps tremendously with that aspect.

– LearnGlazing.com Student

Great tool to assist bringing entry team Project Coordinators/Assistants up to speed in an organized and structured training method to build the foundation of glazing project management skills.

– LearnGlazing.com Student

I feel you did a good job of the basics to have students understand how the process works for a PM in the glazing industry. I was able to follow and retain the information. I have started a new career and feel with your classes I have a good understanding of what is expected of me and the order in which I handle the information. Communication and follow through are the two big qualities of a PM’s job. Thank you for giving me more skills to be complete at the workplace.

– LearnGlazing.com Student

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