How is the training organized?

LearnGlazing.com consists of training “paths” that group courses together by topic. The training paths are meant to give students the option to plan and prioritize their training. Within the paths you’ll find a combination of courses. Each course consists of lessons and a quiz. The course material itself is a combination of written material, example images, industry resources/links, videos, and pdf guides.

  • LearnGlazing.com
    • Training Paths ( Paths)
      • Courses (+ Courses)
        • Lessons (+ Lessons)
          • Quizzes (+ Quizzes)

Do you have a corporate rate?

Absolutely, contact us through our pricing page and we’ll provide a customized quote. A corporate account is designed to allow many students within a company access to training at various times.

Approximately how long is each lesson within the course?

Each lesson varies quite a bit in length. Overall, there’s 500+ “lessons” at about 5-7 minutes per lesson. Given that time, you’d expect the entire series to take about 70 hours depending on engagement, quiz taking, etc.


I know your program uses a lot of Tubelite examples. How broad are the topics within each course?

We don’t dive into the specifics of Tubelite, however, Tubelite’s storefront, curtainwall & entrance systems were chosen and used as examples throughout the LearnGlazing training due to their high-quality products, timely delivery, and personal service as it has earned them a strong reputation for dependability. Future courses will take deeper dives into certain areas.



Is there a preferred method of going through this training?

Yes! See our best practices page.

How many courses are available?

Currently, LearnGlazing.com has available for students with approximately hours of training.


How many courses should I go through in one month?

It really all depends on your daily workload but we see many students take anywhere from 6-8 courses per month. If you are committed to using the discussion points with your training leader you will retain more information but it will take you longer to complete the training. If you breeze through the content, take the quizzes, and neglect to really understand the courses you could go through much faster.

Is your training certified?

Our training is recognized by the NACC and AGMT certifications as approved continuing education material.

Do you charge a termination fee if I decide to cancel?

Absolutely not. Cancel any time.

Who is this training best suited for?

This training focuses on bringing new people up to speed quickly in the industry and further the education for those already in the industry.

What is a training captain?

A training captain might also be called a “Group Leader” or “Training Leader”. They are typically a senior member of the staff that is responsible for administering seats and reviewing the “end of course” discussion points with students.

Are these courses accredited with the AIA?

Not at this time. It is something we are looking to accomplish in the future. You do receive a LearnGlazing.com certificate of completion at the end of each course.

What happens once I sign up for a single seat?

You will access the training immediately. Your progress will be tracked and stored. Please Note: Warm up accounts can be upgraded by purchasing an “All Course” single seat.

How do I register / pay for services?

To register and pay for services, go to the “Pricing” page, choose your package, decide if you’d like to pay monthly or yearly. Then click “Sign Up” and fill out the shopping cart form and submit payment.

Why do you use a subscription model?

Our members value the wide variety of courses offered as well as their ability to to move through the training at their own pace. We are also committed to releasing new content regularly.

How many courses may I access per month?

You have access to the full library of courses.

What do I do if I want to revoke course access from one student to give to another?

Email our support staff (support@learnglazing.com) with the current and new email addresses to swap for the seat.

How will I (the group analyst / main account holder) be notified of the results of a test / evaluation?

Once your student has finished an evaluation we’ll send you the certificate of completion if they have passed the evaluation.

What happens when I purchase a single test / evaluation?

  1. Sign up and pay for a single seat evaluation (field, office, or combo).
  2. The account you pay with will have immediate access to the evaluation(s).
  3. The evaluations are pass/fail. 80% is a passing grade.
  4. Once you pass the evaluation you will receive an email with your score and a link to your certificate.

What happens once I purchase an evaluation bundle (5 or 10 seats)?

  • Once you’ve paid for your evaluation bundle, wait for our staff to send you a unique sign up link (up to one business day)
  • Send this link to your students so they can sign up under their own email address.
  • Alternatively, if you have a list of students and their email addresses, you can send them to our support staff to sign them up manually. Send first Name, last Name, and email address to support@learnglazing.com
  • Please Note: You can access one of the evaluations immediately under the main account. The remainder of the evaluations will be accessed via their own, unique login once the students have signed up.

What happens once I purchase a seat bundle (5 or 10)?

  1. Select and pay for your seat bundle (5 or 10)
  2. Wait for our staff to send you a unique sign up link (up to one business day)
  3. Send this link to your students so they can sign up under their own email address.
  4. Alternatively, if you have a list of students and their email addresses, you can send them to our support staff to sign them up manually. Send first Name, last Name, andeemail address to support@learnglazing.com
  5. Please Note: You can access the training immediately under the main account.

Is there a monthly commitment?

Only the first month is required. You can opt out of the program after the first month. No cancellation fee or penalty. Our goal is to show you plenty of value as we add new courses each month.

Will I receive a certificate of completion?

All students who successfully pass each course will receive a certificate of completion pertaining to that course. These can be accessed in the student’s dashboard by clicking on a completed course, then on the “Get your Certificate” button near the top left.

We currently do not offer certificates upon program completion, unless requested. This is something we are working on offering in the near future.

Is the training limited to project managers only?

No! With our convenient bulk seat pricing you can expose your entire team to the training. LearnGlazing.com was developed with PM’s in mind because of their integration with many different facets of a glazing project. Field personnel, estimators, even support staff can benefit from learning more about the glazing industry and how glazing contractors operate.

More Questions?

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Contact LearnGlazing.com for more questions.

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