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Tap into an engaging sponsorship environment through education and training.

New media and traditional advertising environments are evolving faster than ever.
LearnGlazing.com provides an engaging learning environment while providing a genuine platform for customers to connect and engage.

There are limited sponsorship seats for 2023.

Connect with LearnGlazing.com and reserve or spot today.

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Today You'll Learn:

What sets LearnGlazing.com apart?
  • LearnGlazing.com is more than general glass training. It focuses on providing a foundation of knowledge for new project managers. This allows growing glass businesses to break through hiring bottlenecks to take on new projects while increasing revenue. Experienced glass professionals, sales departments, office staff alike benefit from this program by brushing up on old topics while experiencing new topics.
  • You, the sponsor, gain the in-depth opportunity to introduce your products and services at an earlier stage in a project manager’s career.
  • Since its launch in May of 2019 LearnGlazing.com has trained over 1,200 glass students.
  • Those 1,200+ students account for over 105k page views and over 10,000 hours of training and engagement.
What will you, the sponsor receive?

Depending on your level of sponsorship

  • Custom courses and training modules that cover value proposition, features/functionality, real world “how-to” integrations.
  • Multimedia content in the form of video, audio, and text with images.

Most importantly, your products and services are delivered to over 30,000 industry professionals (and growing). Depending on the level of sponsorship and length of your course, a student could be engaged with a topic for as long as 1-2 hours (per course).

How much does it cost?
  • Once you fill out a brief survey the LearnGlazing.com team will evaluate your needs and determine a scope of sponsorship. Programs fall in the range of $2.5k+ per year with a one year commitment.
  • There are opportunities to “branch off” and rebrand your training for internal use or remarketing to your own audience. Contact us for more information.

Dean's List

All the benefits of Honor Roll


  • Top logo placement in the bottom ribbon of sponsors on the home page, see EXAMPLE 1.
  • Up to three training-oriented, 3-4 minute videos by Alex Buechel featuring your product or service, see EXAMPLE 2.
  • Listed as a Dean’s List Sponsor within all marketing (digital, print ads, etc.)
  • Top billing inclusion of promotional video, see EXAMPLE 3.
  • Ability to link your resources to applicable course curriculum pages.

Honor Roll

All the benefits of A Listers


  • One Introductory training-oriented, 3-4 minute video by Alex Buechel featuring your product or service.
  • Publicity announcement concerning module.
  • Access to user data including coursework and other data.

A Listers


  • One logo placement in bottom ribbon of sponsors appearing, see EXAMPLE 1.
  • Inclusion as A Lister on annual “Thank You” ad in USGlass magazine.
  • Announcement of sponsorship on USGNN.com and in social media.
  • Potential opportunity to supply products or services in training module.
  • One “Did You Know” 1 minute video.
How do you get started?
  • Fill out the form on the LearnGlazing Contact Page.
  • The LearnGlazing.com team will provide a formal proposal. Sign and return the proposal to schedule the training development kickoff. The development kickoff will include a proposed launch date.

There are limited sponsorship seats for 2023.

Connect with LearnGlazing.com and reserve or spot today.

Reserve Your Spot

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