What is Emerge?

In an effort to bring new, fresh talent into glazing, LearnGlazing.com is announcing their new program, Emerge, Path to Glazing.

Emerge connects motivated, construction-minded individuals with a career in the glazing industry.

Candidates typically have one of the following backgrounds:

  • Enrolled or completed a construction management program at a university.
  • Currently in a non-glazing role and looking to make a change.
  • Have a background in project management.

That being said, there are no restrictions or requirements for this program.

What to Expect from Emerge, Path to Glazing?

Emerge enrollees can expect a clear, guided path to glazing. LearnGlazing.com will provide videos, blog articles, and real life examples of what a career in glazing is all about. Enrollees will have access to seasoned glazing vets via a designated community forum, email, or phone.

All Emerge enrollees will have their basic information shared with the LearnGlazing.com recruiting network. LearnGlazing.com recruiters are selected based on their knowledge and commitment to the glazing industry. The recruiters possess the expertise to accurately place candidates based on their background and career aspirations. For a complete list of LearnGlazing.com recruiters and their background, click here. Candidates can unenroll from the Emerge program at any time.

Emerge enrollees that complete 100% of the LearnGlazing.com training with a score of 80% will be considered a “Level II” candidate and will have access to a wider range of opportunities within the glazing industry. Level II candidates typically receive a greater number of offers with higher starting wages.

The entire LearnGlazing.com program takes roughly 40-50 hours to complete. We realize this is a substantial commitment which is why we provide community forums and training guides to aid in your success. Take a look at our 10 Phase approach to our course material.

Download Course Overview
How do you sign up for LG Emerge-Path to Glazing?

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