Understanding Water Management in Storefront and Curtain Wall Systems

In our latest educational video at LearnGlazing.com, we delve into the fascinating world of storefront systems and curtain wall systems, focusing specifically on their design features that manage and drain water. Not many are aware that these structures have inbuilt mechanisms to channel water effectively, ensuring their longevity and functionality.

In the case of storefront systems, the mullions play a pivotal role in water management. They are ingeniously designed to channel any water ingress to the sides and down the verticals. This water then travels all the way to the floor where a sill pan awaits to catch and divert the water out of the system. This design ensures that the storefront remains dry and safe, even in the face of adverse weather conditions.

Contrastingly, curtain wall systems handle water drainage differently. Each window in a curtain wall system is a self-contained bay with its own water management system. The horizontal cross members at the bottom of each bay have their own weep holes that allow the water to exit. This unique design ensures that each window independently manages its water drainage, preventing the water from travelling down the entire system. This video showcases these intricate designs that make our buildings safe and durable. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel at Learn Glazing and hit that like button for more insightful content.

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