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Water Diverter

Did You Know? Water Diverters

Did you know that missing or improper installation of water diverters is a major cause of water leaks or damage in a storefront system? This video explains the importance of these small parts and shows...

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Rubber Gasket Color Options

Did You Know? Rubber Gasket Color Options

Did you know custom colored gasket is a thing? In the glazing industry, We have many different color buildings, and a regular black gasket might not always be the best look. Special thanks to Reed...

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Impact of Shear Block Installation

Did You Know? The Impact of Shear Block Installation

Did you know that the proper installation of shear blocks in a curtain wall system can greatly impact the speed and ease of the installation? This video explains the importance of these small parts and...

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Glazier Training Implementation Guide

Training for Glaziers – A Quick Guide to Training Implementation

Your company needs training, let us show you the way. If you are like most glazing contractors in our industry you have found it to be next to impossible to find the time and resources...

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F and T Clips

Did You Know? F and T Clips

Did you know that the placement of fasteners on F & T clips for a curtain wall at the engineering stage can save you a lot of headaches? This video talks about the importance of...

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Tropical Hotel Window

Tropical Hallway? No AC? No Problem!

So this was cool! And I learned something new last week. Morning Glass Nerds! Another great thing I saw at my hotel last week, or at least I think so, was the window design for...

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Insulated Glass Units - Common Flaws

Common Flaws of Insulated Glass Units

From the Desk of Alex Today, I focus on Insulated Glass units and the many, many potential flaws that are looked for during fabrication. The images below will show you the different components and their…

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On the Fly Jig Creation – 3D Printing a Jig for Shear Block Installation

Last week I made a post about a shear block installation on a curtain wall. We also put out a video on our #youtube channel about. it. But I figured I would share a little…

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What is a Glass Imperfection?

How to Identify Defects in Glass and Manage Customer Expectations

Experienced project managers in the glazing business know that customer expectations of glass quality are often out of sync with the industry standards. The following scenario arises far too often: The installation crew noticed the…

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Glazing Talk Podcast – Multispan Curtain wall

Glazing talk podcast. In this podcast, we chat with Jon Gura from MP drafting & design about multi-story curtain wall systems and how splices work for the mullions. Our conversation dives into the different options…

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9 Reasons to Choose a Career in Glazing Project Management

If you’re on the fence right now, wondering whether a career as a glazing project manager is the right move for you, this article should help you decide. I’ll give you 9 reasons why I...

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Glazing Talk Podcast – Glazing Fabrication

Jason S. We cover specs, in-house vs third party fabrication, tips and tricks of the industry, and get a real insight into Jason’s extended experience.

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