On the Fly Jig Creation – 3D Printing a Jig for Shear Block Installation

Last week I made a post about a shear block installation on a curtain wall.

We also put out a video on our #youtube channel about. it. But I figured I would share a little story for you guys.

As we build out mock-up in-house to create additional content, we’re taking notes of all of the small pain points glaziers usually have.

In the video, I spoke about three different things that one has to worry about the location of the #shearblock, ?????? along the mullion, the ????? of it on the mullion, and ????????.

After installing a couple, (I can’t stress the importance of having the right tools) we noticed that we needed a jig of sorts to help us keep all three measurements correctly. Since timing was of the essence, we decided to make our own. We used our 3d printer which took about an hour and pennies worth of material to print this toy while we kept working. Cheap, fast and we can make as many as we need. Even better, we branded it so will always know what it was for. This greatly increased our accuracy and speed.

???, ???, ???!

I’m curious how many others have made their own jigs to help, or are you guys buying them directly from the manufacturer?


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