Keep Tabs on Student Progress with Group Analysts

At, our primary goal is to provide a comprehensive and seamless learning experience for all our students. Using the Group Analyst role is an integral part of achieving this objective. Group Analyst Management is a reporting tool that enables a supervisor at your company to view the training progress of each employee enrolled in the program at a glance. By keeping a vigilant eye on student progress, instructors can identify potential gaps in comprehension, offer timely assistance, and ensure that learners stay on track. Regular monitoring can also help in detecting patterns or common areas where students may struggle, enabling course creators to refine their content and make it more effective and engaging.

Furthermore, the Group Analyst role at isn’t just about keeping tabs—it’s about fostering a collaborative learning environment. By regularly checking in on student progress, educators can celebrate achievements, offer encouragement during challenging modules, and provide additional resources when necessary. This proactive approach not only enhances the overall learning experience but also builds a sense of community and trust between instructors and students, ensuring that each learner feels supported and valued throughout their educational journey.

Ready to Track Progress?

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Student Sign-Up: Have your students sign up individually for a free account at
  2. Activate the Group Analyst Feature: Click here to sign up for the Group Analyst feature at $9/month. This gives you the capability to monitor up to 50 students.
  3. Send Student Details:
    1. Email a list of your student email addresses to
    2. Include which email address will be the main Group Analyst overseeing the accounts.
  4. Await Setup Completion: Our team will set up the Group Analyst role for you. We’ll notify you once everything is ready for you to start monitoring your students’ progress.

Remember, with the Group Analyst role, you gain a detailed insight into your students’ learning journey, ensuring they get the most out of their courses. If you have questions or need assistance at any step, please reach out to our support team.

All Done? Here’s how to view the reports.

1. How to Access Your Account
After being designated as a Group Analyst by a Site Admin or Site Owner, you can log into the site to review your content.

2. Navigating Your Dashboard
Upon logging in, you’ll find a menu on the left sidebar granting you access to Group progress and student details. You’re permitted to:

  • View and export student progress for your groups.
  • Access student names and emails for your groups.

3. How to View Progress and Student Details

  • Navigate to Support Your Students > Progress.

On the Groups page:

  • Find the Group you wish to inspect.
  • Click on Progress Reports.
  • Here, view names, emails, and course progress for the chosen Group.
  • Note: Only enrolled students appear in this report. Group-assigned users not enrolled won’t be visible in Group reports.

4. How to Export Progress Reports

  • Under Support Your Students, choose Progress.

On the Groups page:

  • Identify the desired Group.
  • Click on the 3-dot menu beside Progress Reports.
  • Choose Export CSV.
  • An email with a download link for your CSV will be sent. Emails from usually come from addresses like

Moreover, Progress Reports can also be extracted from the detail page:

  • Navigate to Support Your Students > Progress.
  • Find your Group and click on Progress Reports.
  • Select Export CSV on the right to receive your email link.

5. Exploring Group Progress Exports

  • Your Group progress CSV will provide the following data:
    • Student First & Last Name
    • Student Email
    • Company (Note: It’s a deprecated field that a Site Admin can add in a student profile. Using custom fields is recommended.)
    • Course start, completion, and enrollment dates
    • Last Sign In
    • Course progress and completion percentages
    • Custom Fields (exclusive to the CSV export)