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Welcome to LearnGlazing.com, the dedicated e-learning platform for the glass and glazing industry. We appreciate your interest and commitment to empowering your members through quality education. On this page, you’ll find a set of resources specifically designed to assist you in spreading the word about our free educational offerings.

Our Partnership

At LearnGlazing.com, we believe in the power of collaboration. Our mission to advance the glass and glazing industry aligns perfectly with your goals, creating a partnership that benefits your members and the industry at large. The following sections guide you through the materials available for your use.

Newsletter Content

Our pre-crafted newsletter content provides an engaging and straightforward way to inform your members about LearnGlazing.com. It introduces our platform, details our offerings, and invites members to join and benefit from our free courses. You’re welcome to customize this newsletter to better fit your organization’s tone and style.

Title: Discover LearnGlazing.com for Free: A Game Changer for the Glass and Glazing Industry

Dear [Association’s name] Members,

We are thrilled to introduce a free, groundbreaking resource that is poised to redefine our industry’s approach to education – LearnGlazing.com. This comprehensive e-learning platform is dedicated to the glass and glazing industry, offering a wealth of resources and courses entirely for free!

LearnGlazing.com’s mission is to empower success in our industry. They’re committed to equipping individuals and businesses with the necessary educational resources to reach new heights in their field. This includes resources on everything from design and construction to estimation and project management.

Their courses cater to a wide spectrum of learners. Whether you’re a newcomer stepping into the industry or a seasoned professional looking to refresh your knowledge, LearnGlazing.com has something for you. Their courses are engaging and interactive, with a focus on real-world applications.

What’s more, the learning process at LearnGlazing.com is personalized and paced to your comfort. You can learn at your own rhythm, with the added advantage of supportive and personalized assistance from their team. The platform also serves as an invaluable onboarding tool for new employees, facilitating a solid foundation for future success in the field.

We encourage all our members to leverage this excellent resource. It’s an opportunity to stay ahead of the curve, keep up with the latest industry developments, and broaden your professional horizons.

To start learning today, visit https://learnglazing.com/.

Best, [Your Name] [Your Position]

Social Media Posts

In the digital age, social media is a powerful tool to reach your audience. We’ve created a collection of ready-to-use social media posts for platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Each post is designed to be engaging, informative, and shareable, increasing the visibility of this valuable resource.

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Post Text

Version 1:Exciting news for all our members! We have partnered with LearnGlazing.com to offer you a comprehensive, easy-to-navigate platform designed for the glass and glazing industry.

From design and construction to estimation and project management, LearnGlazing.com provides an extensive array of resources for all learning levels.

Best of all, their educational resources are entirely FREE of charge! Join today and reach new heights in your field. Click the link to sign up now! www.learnglazing.com

Version 2:

Looking to boost your skills in the glass and glazing industry? We’ve got you covered!

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with LearnGlazing.com, an e-learning platform dedicated to the glazing industry.

Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned professional, you’ll find engaging and interactive courses tailored to your needs. And the best part? It’s completely FREE!

Don’t miss this opportunity to grow your knowledge and skills. Sign up today! www.learnglazing.com

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Version 3:

Education is the key to success, and we’re bringing it right to your fingertips! We are excited to partner with LearnGlazing.com to provide our members with a comprehensive e-learning platform.

From novices to professionals, LearnGlazing.com offers a rich selection of courses to strengthen your understanding of the glazing industry. And, it’s all FREE of charge!

Join the learning revolution and sign up today. Empower your success with LearnGlazing.com. www.learnglazing.com

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Banner Ads

We have created three banner ads that you can use on your website, in your newsletters, or on your social media platforms. Each banner ad is designed to pique interest and invite your members to join LearnGlazing.com and take advantage of our free educational resources.

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Text: “LearnGlazing.com – Your Comprehensive E-Learning Platform for the Glass and Glazing Industry”

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Next Steps

Thank you for taking the time to review these resources. We encourage you to share these materials with your members at your earliest convenience. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our team. Let’s work together to achieve our shared goal: empowering success in the glass and glazing industry.

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Client Testimonials

  • The training modules provided by LearnGlazing have been quite helpful to supplement my training for project management. It is easy to use, useful information, and is pertinent for anyone in the glazing industry. I would say it is worth having any long term employee take this training. Whether field or office, the knowledge gained from these courses will be useful in pulling a team together around a common process.

    Double O Inc.
  • Using The Git Training Program has been a great experience. I’ve been in the industry for 5 years now and specific training for glazing is not an easy thing to find. I’m so glad I found Git, its everything I wish I had when I started.

    Silicon Valley Glass
  • LearnGlazing is a very helpful learning tool for someone still familiarizing themselves in the glazing industry.

    Crystal Glass Inc.
  • The set up and style of the training is easily self guided, and very informative. Even with over 10 years experience in the glazing industry, its nice to have a resource like this. I would recommend this to anyone in this field. You’re never too old to learn!

    Silicon Valley Glass
  • It was wonderful, very user friendly and I feel like I learned a lot from taking these courses.


    SG Chicago
  • I use Learnglazing.com to teach all of our new estimators. Their training modules do a much better job explaining glazing systems than I ever could!


    Guthrie Glass
  • We were in need of some basic training for our project engineers. Although as a company we train new hires ourselves, this was a great way to give them some overall training in our field. Everyone who has went through the courses said they have learned something and consider it a great resource.

    Silicon Valley Glass
  • I enjoyed going through the LearnGlazing. I have been in the Glass business for 20 years. I started as a helper on a truck and now a Branch manager / estimator. I still learned new ways to optimize take offs and types of software to help. Over all I was very pleased and would recommend this to anyone in the glazing industry at any level of there career.

    Glass Incorporated
  • LearnGlazing has all the info needed to learn glazing!

    Mobile Glass US
  • Learnglazing.com is an excellent tool to learn or sharpen your knowledge in the glazing industry. I highly recommend to the people new to the industry as well as seasoned veterans.

    Silicon Valley Glass
  • Very helpful, even to those with experience. Easy to use at the pace of the user.

    Silicon Valley Glass
  • The LearnGlazing.com courses are very helpful for anyone trying to learn the Glazing industry.

    Double O Inc.

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