Top 5 Reasons You Should Use

We’re asked almost every day,

“Who is for and will this training work for my team”?

The focus of our training program is to bring existing employees and/or new hires from a basic background in project management or estimating into the Glazing world.

Our first set of courses, “The Core 10”, help students to become conversational and provide a foundation for deeper learning. The additional, monthly courses start to focus on a wider range of topics that seasoned glazing professionals like to brush up on. Currently, there is a total of 6 additional course right now with a full line up ready for next year (see the list).

It’s not a stretch to say that most of your employees, from different backgrounds, would benefit from this training.

Here are our Top 5 Reasons You Should Use

  1. There’s a lack of training tools for bringing new PMs up to speed.
  2. To provide experienced, non-glazing new hires with a solid foundation for developing into an experienced glazing PM.
  3. Hiring new PMs puts a time (money) burden on hiring managers and owners. LearnGlazing training tools alleviates that burden in a cost effective manner.
  4. New PMs learn the foundation of:
    1. Glazing Systems
    2. Manual take off method for ordering stock lengths
    3. Creating a glass spreadsheet
    4. Required project close out items
  5. What does a monthly membership include?
    1. Access to the “Core 10” courses – Go back and revisit sections even after taking the quiz.
    2. New, monthly courses – See the 2020 lineup
    3. Access to the Q&A discussion forum – Ask questions, get answers

Bonus – Not only can students print off of certificate once each course is completed, but group leaders have the ability to view student progress and quiz results.