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Tropical Hallway? No AC? No Problem!

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So this was cool! And I learned something new last week.

Morning Glass Nerds! Another great thing I saw at my hotel last week, or at least I think so, was the window design for all the hallways in my hotel.

I have been to my share of tropical hotels and it never fails. This hallway, that room, or something in the resort is just plain hot. Like there is no way around it and you find yourself trying to avoid being there or speed walking through.

In this hotel, much like any other, the glass elevators were not so great with airflow. Lucky for me, we were just on the third floor, so we didn’t have to sweat that long ride and we didn’t mind the stair option.

But, as I got off the elevator the first day, I was pleasantly surprised. Although the hallways had a huge amount of sunlight coming through, they were NOT hot, but rather pleasant and a bit drafty.
Of course, being me, (#glassnerd) 🤓 right after noticing no AC vents, I had to run to the windows. Now, I get that maybe it’s not a new thing, likely been around much longer than myself, but I found this design to be quite genius.

These windows with overlapping glass that stay open 24/7 worked. In fact, they worked very well. Not only are they perfect for slowing down large wind gusts and keeping the rain out, but they also allow a constant cycle of air just moving throughout the space. So, even in that 90+ degree weather, the hallways with no AC were pleasant.

Honestly, kudos to whoever came up with this little gem. 🧐 I guess my only complaint is that they didn’t use a low Iron glass product which as you can see in the photos, did create that minty band across the windows where they overlap. But in this case, it helps for me to show you guys the photos.

Anyway, forgive my crude sketch here but I just had to share.

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Tropical Hotel Window
Tropical Hotel Window
Tropical Hotel Window

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