LearnGlazing.com + USGlass Magazine = Free Training!

LearnGlazing.com and USGlass Magazine
are happy to announce a new partnership.

The goal is to make high quality glass training accessible and FREE to anyone with an active subscription to USGlass Magazine. (USGlass magazine is free to all in the glass industry.)

Do you or someone within your organization need training? If so, follow the guide below to claim your access or sign up for USGlass Magazine to claim your training.

Important – Each training account needs a separate subscription to USGlass Magazine.

I want free training! Sign me up!

Step 1: Enter your USGlass Magazine email address below. If you have an active USGlass Magazine subscription and an email address on file you’re in! Just set your password once you’re redirected and access your LearnGlazing.com account!

Very Important! If you DO NOT have a USGlass Magazine subscription or you do have a subscription but do not have an email address on file you will be REDIRECTED to the USGlass Magazine free subscription sign up form. Please fill out this form. Your account will be ready in two business days or less and we’ll send you an email once your account is ready.

About LearnGlazing.com

Let’s face it. Expanding your business, bringing on new, qualified employees is difficult. You need a one-stop-shop for getting your project managers up-to-speed with the latest glazing project management information.

LearnGlazing takes lifetimes of glazing experience and packages it into an easy-to-digest package.

Single seat accounts cost $1,500 per year and multi-seat accounts cost as much as $4,800 per year. Of course, keep reading on how to take advantage of the free training offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Benefits from the Training?

LearnGlazing.com isn’t just for project managers. Everyone in the industry benefits from being better educated. LearnGlazing.com has helped:

  • Glazing Contractors
  • Project Managers
  • Field Staff
  • Sales Staff
  • Office Staff
What if I’m currently paying for LearnGlazing.com? Can I still have it for free?

Absolutely, first, make sure ALL of your training accounts have an active subscription and email address on file with USGlass Magazine.

Please send an email to Chris at chrism@learnglazing.com and provide him with the following information:

  • Who is the main account holder? What is their email address?
  • If this is a multi-seat account, please provide each email address.
  • Make sure ALL seats have an active subscription to USGlass Magazine and have an email address on file.
Is there a limit to the number of training seats we have in our organization?

No limit, the more the merrier. Make sure each student has an active subscription to USGlass Magazine and has their own email address on file.

If you’d like to assign a Group Leader that has access to student progress, please let us know which account to designate as the leader.

Once we confirm the USGlass Magazine accounts we’ll cancel your ongoing payments.

LearnGlazing.com Support

USGlass Magazine Support Information

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