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Glazing professionals are always looking for new ways to boost their value to existing or potential employers. Help them do so by offering your audience the opportunity to broaden and/or renew their glazing skills as it pertains to project management. Earn a commission for your business while doing so.

WHAT IS THE AFFILIATE PROGRAM ALL ABOUT? is a training program that offers a launching off point for front office glazing professionals. Whether candidates are seasoned professionals looking to revisit glazing topics or management professionals looking to break into the glazing industry, provides a foundational learning experience that equips students with a conversational level of glazing project management.

What does this mean for you? The affiliate program (LAP) offers the opportunity to extend training materials quickly and efficiently to your audience while opening a new stream of revenue for your business. The LAP program provides everything you need to get the word out to your audience including; unique links, content, and ad materials. Keep track of visitors, earnings, and manage your payment options. Place information on your website, social accounts, and email correspondence.

How much can you earn?

We’re offering 50% of the first month training fee. That is up to $200 of the initial sign up fee.


  1. Fill out the application below. One of our associates will contact you regarding your application.
  2. Use the content we provide (images, text, eblasts, uniqe urls) to communicate our training to your social following, email list, and website visitors.
  3. Earn 30% of the training fee when your customers sign up for our training.
  4. Track earnings in your own dashboard. Receive monthly payment.
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